What we do

We help our members realize their professional objectives: job, money, career.

Back up for every professional circumstance.
Guidance for when the best way forward is unclear.
Best practices and processes to apply in your role.
Support to achieve financial and professional success.

How we do it

In person and online support to help you overcome challenges.

Instant Connection

Converse with other members in our exclusive Slack group or via email & phone.

"It’s awesome to have a safe space to ask questions, share from your experience and be inspired to keep getting better every day."

Megan Bowen

Virtual Gatherings

20+ digital offerings a week including webinars, conferences, happy hours, and podcasts.

"I love the local networking events that allow me to connect with my peers at other companies and develop deep meaningful relationships."

Brian Manning
SVP, Head of Growth

Convening Power

A stable of available members willing to provide counsel.

"The group is small enough to feel intimate but large enough to have an impact."

Deirdra A. Colvin

Career & Negotiation Coaching

Access benchmarks and other best practice data to navigate critical career moments.

"Being part of Revenue Collective is like having the security blanket you never knew you needed. Revenue Collective has been an amazing resource to help me manage my career."

Adam Liebman
VP of Sales

Talent Acquisition

Access to robust pipeline.

"There is always someone who has had the experience and provides us with much needed shortcuts in this fast-paced world. The professionalism at hand is outstanding!"

Tom Castley
VP of Sales

Job Opportunities

For VP and above, globally.

"Being part of Revenue Collective means I'm tapped into the largest job market in the world."

Justin Welsh
SVP of Sales

Tools + Information

Access helpful templates, guides, playbooks, and more.

"The CRO role is fairly new for many organizations which means we are all learning by trial and error and having such an amazing peer group as a resource has been invaluable. The conversations that happen via the slack channels are worth their weight in gold!"

Melissa Pegus
Head of Revenue